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Introduction to Flying Diamonds' Technology


Why High Drag Vertical Axis Wind Turbines?

  • Foundations- VAWT require only concrete pads to support their weight and loading.

  • Materials- Our wind turbine is 100% recyclable because it is made from metals not fiberglass or other permanent plastics.

  • High Visibility- It is hard for a bird or bat to not see this turbine. In fact birds roost on it when it is not turning. Raptors love the high perch to see.

  • Height- It is low to the ground and not on a high tower. It is designed for maintenance and can be lowered to be worked on.

  • Size matters- conventional propeller wind turbines are more aerodynamically efficient, but this one makes up for it in size. The huge wind traps capture the energy of the wind like a spinnaker on a America's Cup sailboat. The torque is amazing. 

  • Silence- This wind turbine doesn't whine with its blades going by at 300 mph. It rotates at the speed of the wind.

  • Power vs. wind speed- High drag wind turbines can be designed to produce usable power at half the wind speed of airfoil based designs. Any wind crashing into it makes it rotate.

  • Mass Production- This turbine is designed for mass production in factories any where in the world. The design is very simple and reproducible. The wind traps are easy to remove, rebuild and replace.

  • The wind turbine is dynamically balanced. It rotates in one plane. It only has two main bearing loaded correctly for long life. It is omnidirectional and doesn't need to be steered into the wind.

  • Power output is based on wind trap size and arm length. Wind traps can be sized to the site and grouped together to produce much higher power outputs.

  • Weather- The turbine can be out fitted to operate in cold weather with the addition of hydrophobic paints and deicing heating strips.

  • Shipping- This turbine can be produced any where in the world and shipped in shipping containers and assembled on site with basic tools and lifting devices.

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